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Hunt Cleaners, Inc. can turn your dirty work gloves, print towels, dust filter bags and other industrial apparel into clean, reusable items at a fraction of the cost of replacing with new and, at the same time, reduce your waste disposal liability.

We developed and refined our petroleum dry cleaning process over the years, thus enabling us to provide the very best in industrial dry cleaning. This system is specially designed to process items that are too dirty, too oily or too greasy for conventional dry cleaning. We utilize a closed loop system that reduces many of the environmental concerns associated with synthetic dry cleaning processes or industrial laundries that discharge to sanitary sewers. This method affords us the flexibility to process leather gloves, cotton gloves, select coated gloves, print towels, shop towels, oil absorbents and dust bags, as well as leather and flame resistant industrial

Hunt Cleaners is a distributor for most of the major safety suppliers and manufacturers in the United States. We have a large inventory of personal protective equipment and products.