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About Us

OnMedia is the division of Mediacom Communications Corporation responsible for advertising sales, with an experienced cable television ad sales team delivering on the company's promise of ''Precision TV Advertising.'' In addition, OnMedia is trained and certified by Google for industry proficiency and best practices in managing search campaigns.

Target your audience by Demographics (Age, Gender, Race, Income, etc.) and by Geography, and by Psychographics/Lifestyle (Purchase Behavior, Family Size, etc.). We know that all of these elements are important when deciding how you spend your advertising dollars.

Benefit from Better Value. OnMedia is your one-stop shop for advertising on top brand cable networks in the area you want to reach. News on CNN, Fox News Channel or MSNBC; Sports on ESPN or a regional sports network; and some of the hottest shows on TV on networks like USA, TNT and FX are all available through OnMedia. Cable TV viewership continues to increase, so the advertising dollars you spend today will be worth more tomorrow.

Experience Better Results. OnMedia gives you the power of television with effective frequency in the communities you want to reach. When you target the right message to the right audience using the right cable TV networks, you'll see a greater return on your advertising investment.


Andy Schwandt, Senior Account Executive, OnMedia